Natural Treatments To Stop And Reverse Hair Loss


Natural Treatments To Stop And Reverse Hair Loss

A lot of people are experiencing rapid hair loss problems. There hundreds of hair products and treatments in the market but they are not effective. Baldness is a genetic condition though some other factors cause hair loss. Stress, poor nutrition, severe disease, and hormone fluctuations are some of the causes of rapid hair loss. But all in all hair loss has a solution. The following are tips to help you to prevent hair loss.


Good food can help stop baldness and contributes to keeping you in good health. Our modern diet lacks essential needed nutrients which cause the number of people with baldness to increase.

Hence dietary supplementation is the best natural way to reverse and stop rapid hair loss. Supplements that contain Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Biotin, are the best to look for as they contain vital nutrients. It has been proven that these nutrients support hair regrowth. Horsetail silica and Para-amino benzoic acid for women and Nettle Root and Saw palmetto for men are the necessary natural ingredients you should look for.

Herbal Extracts

oilHerbal extracts like saw palmetto were initially used to treat prostate disease. It blocks DHT and cures baldness. DHT is obtained from the male hormone testosterone which is also present in women. DHT causes the hair to die and fall off by suffocating the hair follicles.

Products Available For Hair Styling

Minimize the use of the available used hair styling. Avoid products which you do not have sufficient information about, to keep hair loss from becoming a problem. Balding can result from the style in which you wear your hair. Nowadays there are better hair products available than the recent past although others can be harmful to your hair.

Professional Advice

Talk to the hair professionals concerning treatments options or symptoms. Before beginning any treatment type for your hair loss, it is important to seek help from a professional. Avoid thinning your hair by avoiding areas with high air pollution. Hair is damaged due to pollution because of the absorption of toxic substances into the body increases balding risks.

Regular Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is a way to prevent additional hair loss, and it is a way to stimulate new hair growth. Utilize any different oil or mineral oil to get optimal results while performing a massage. Do not brush wet hair, allow it to dry or use a towel to dry it. Wet hair follicles are easily damaged. Therefore you can lose your hair faster if you comb it while it is wet.